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Web Content

Julian Edelman + Danny Amendola - COPS

Professional Athletes Viral Marketing

Client: /SuperDigital + JE11 [1.6 Million YouTube Views]

A Warrior's Code

Program Culture Overview

Client: Merrimack College

Smoothie Tyme II with Julian Edelman + Shane Vereen

Professional Athlete Viral Marketing

Client: /SuperDigital + Julian Edelman [375k YouTube Views]

YallaTyme - Julian Edelman Discovers Israel

Professional Athlete Viral Marketing

Client: /SuperDigital + CJP + JE11 [125k+ Youtube Views]

Whether it’s a website homepage video, or a viral marketing campaign, web video content continues to be the fastest-growing marketing medium. From YouTube to Vimeo, to embedding into your own website, The Athletic Dept provides stunning production value to your brand, product, or business. Web content provides companies with their own space to capture audiences, and in their own words, show potential clients why they do it better than the rest. So whether it’s a band’s music video, a product’s Kickstarter video, or an instructional video for your website, The Athletic Dept delivers on time and under budget.

Case Studies

CoachUp, located out of Boston, MA, pairs personal coaches with athletes of all ability levels in every sport under the sun. Nerlens Noel, spokesperson and Philadelphia 76er, gives the viewer the unique opportunity to play him virtually in a 1-on-1 contest. Using Youtube annotations, this website feature provides a unique choose-your-own-adventure style spin on athletic web videos for enticing online content. (
In a set of 100 instructional videos, elite coaches from the world of baseball, football, volleyball, field hockey, yoga, fitness, softball, lacrosse, soccer, running, basketball, tennis and boxing give in depth training on their sports' most difference-making aspects. In tip number 82, baseball coach Clink Chalk shows us how to slide head first.
Bai, makers of all-natural 5 calorie drinks in all flavors and tastes, wanted to incorporate motion video into their website design. Using a 4K widescreen aspect ratio, a recipe video at the page's header compels users to explore the site further.
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